Satellietfoto Plaatsen

Selection of the most beautiful satellite images

On this web site you can find the most beautiful satellite images. From the millions of images that have been produced over the last 60-years, we made a selection.

The images on this web site can be used for prints in magazines, newspapers and books, be shown on a web site, and so on.

First two trial images, without any obligation

If you have found your satellite image, we will send you a low-res preview of the entire picture, and a high-res cut out. Thus, you can determine yourself whether you are completely satisfied with the image.

Of course you will receive the trial images without any obligation. Not satisfied? No problem, and no questions asked.

Payment aferwards

Only if you are 100% satisfied, we will send you the complete hi-resolution image by e-mail or via FTP. The invoice will follow thereafter. So payment always takes place afterwards.

More images and possibilities

In case you do not find the desired imagery on this site, then please call us or send us an e-mail. 12 Provinces Publishers (the company behind this web site) has an extensive archive with satellite pictures from all over the world.

Pick your own satellite image

On, you can pick the satellite image yourself. You have a worldwide choice. From Svalbard to Ushuaia.